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The Will of the People

            The source presented provides a perspective in favour of a more individual, democratic form of government where policies reflect actions taken by citizens to hold the government accountable. The thought being portrayed in the source represents the idea that a strong system of government that reflects the will of the nation will stay in power the longest, which is also the ideology used by John Locke. In Locke's' book "Two Treatises of Government" he argued that when a government is unfit to rule the citizens of its country the masses should overthrow it. Locke also created and defended the social contract stating that the rights given to the people by god should be enforced by a government loyal to those rights. Once the rights, "Life, Liberty and Property" are locked in then the citizens have no reason to overthrow their government. The source reflects the idea by arguing that the upholding of government accountability in correlation with protection of God given rights should be closely monitored by it's citizens under its law. However, another philosopher by the name of Thomas Hobbes comes in contrast with John Locke. In Hobbes book "Leviathan" he argued that humans are not rational and could not properly make decisions for themselves, therefore concluding that man is bad in nature. Hobbes fought for an authoritarian government run by one man who makes all the rational decisions for them. He then concluded that the people should trade their civil liberties for a single leader in hope for proper leadership and security. Reality is that people should understand the government they put the time into and make decisions on their own that transfer into votes. Therefore the democratic laws that John Locke supports is what I most strongly agree with. A government that is respectively run by an elected leader is the strongest way for mankind to continue on. .

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