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Location! Location! Location

             A person can count and tell of their experiences by the places they have been, which in turn makes the person who they have become. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced more places than many people will in their lifetime. Due to the fact that my mother is an employee for United Airlines, my family have been to places including India, Germany, Great Britain, France, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, and most of the states in the United States to name a few. Although I brought back something different after every place I went, the one place that I would be content living in forever is the east coast of the United States. From New York to Florida, each part of me belongs on each part of the east coast.
             The one thing I adore no matter where on the coast I am is the ocean. Predominantly growing up in the Midwest, a huge dream of mine is to live near a beach of a big ocean. Through media and vacations, and being born on a California beach, I have always had a fetish with beaches and oceans. Everything from the water, to the fish, to the sun and sand, to the surfing intrigues me. Apart from that, I am also a huge fan of the tropical weather near most beaches.
             Acknowledging that most of the east coast is far from tropical or warm, it does become beautiful and sunny the further south one goes. My background being Indian and originally from California, it is in my blood to be in a warm sunny climate, which unfortunately uncharacteristic of a frigid Midwest winter. A paradise for me would be to live in Florida, perhaps in the gorgeous city of Miami. Not only does Miami have some of the prettiest beaches in the country, it also oozes with culture and diversity; another important aspect I adore. Florida in general is exploding with especially Latin culture which I have always been interested in. I speak somewhat fluent Spanish, am very knowledgeable on the different parts of Hispanic culture, and am very into Latin dance and music.

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