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            Now that I have completed the survey part of this research project I am now ready to report my findings and the duties required to accomplish this task. To start you had to find people that were willing to take the time to take the test. After finding someone you then had to see if they were eligible to take it. Then going and filling out the surveys took another good amount of time. Now that I have completed these data steps I am now able to report on the data that I have received through my research.
             To begin this research project I had to first go out and find some of my schoolmates that were willing to take a survey. Some said no but that was okay because there were many more people on this campus that were willing to take the survey. Then I would find people that were willing to take the survey until they then seen how long it were and change their mind. So after about a week or so I can then say that I had finally had three people who attended FAMU to complete a survey. I then had to find two people that were not currently attending FAMU, so I then sat back and gave it some thought of where I could go to find someone who did not attend FAM but at the same time knew something about the gym. One night a friend of mine came over and his cousin was with him who attended TCC so I asked him to do a survey and then I called my cousin who graduated last Spring to complete one. And that is how I got my two non-FAMU students.
             The conduction of the survey was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. Well going into this project I knew that trying to find someone to take the time out to fill out one was going to be hard in it. After finding someone willing to take the test a few times I realized that they were not eligible to participate in the study. For some reasons they had already taken the test previously, some had not even been to the gym, or knew where it was in some cases.

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