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Monitor and Control Work for a Project Manager

            Project managers find it difficult to have an access to each member if they fail to keep a good monitor and control of the work. But with them realizing the deliverables and what the root cause of the deliverables are with time management for all the projects then they find it easier. By holding effective meetings, the managers are able to reach to all the members and give all the necessary information that they need. .
             The effective meetings are integral to achieving team goals and completing their tasks successfully. Team meetings are important tools in managing of tasks and ensuring productivity, and does not matter how they are conducted either in person, asynchronously or real-time, or via remote conference. In these effective meetings, they are open to conversations, which draw upon each member's skills, knowledge and perspectives to solving of problems and supporting each other in achieving the collective goals of the team.
             The project managers organize status meeting by prior notice to all members and give them the agenda of the meeting to avoid any inconveniences that may arise, and prevent wasting their time. Regular and frequent holding of meetings and check-ins keeps everyone informed and on the same page toward best practices: general, tactical or practical (Wysocki, Beck, & Crane, 1995). .
             Having an agenda for the meeting is very essential; sticking by it and not involving any other issues could make members more attentive. Holding and organizing cross-sectional teams for any project enhances all the teams to tackle their part of the project effectively. With this, when they attend the meeting, the agenda will be easily discussed and likely to solve all issues that may have encountered the teams. .
             Moreover, keeping the right attitude when receiving any kind of news especially bad news would make the members alert on any upcoming issue that then if the manager is not able to solve, he or she could table the issue in the meeting.

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