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21st Century Manager

             The art of managing is changing, and at a rapid pace. In today's corporate world, managers are continually discussing the everyday nature of business and the effects on them but very few of them are properly focusing on managing itself. The new generation of employees whom enters the corporate door posts a threat to the traditional top-down, authoritarian management practices, which expected employees to be loyal and faithful to the employer, no matter how they are treated. The business world has changed, and the twenty-first century management systems will depend on its fundamentals. These rely on leadership, processes, and organizations. .
             For twenty-first century management, new managerial skills are developed for all managers: to earn the loyalty of employees by offering them exciting and entrepreneurial chances for personal growth and empowerment in organizations that are fair, flat and flexible. In a fair organization, employees will respond best to management skills that are up front, unbiased, and honest. In a flat organization, unnecessary layers of management are eliminated and internal bureaucracies are minimized. In a flexible organization, employees are customer-driven and quick to adapt the fast changing of technology and workplace. The challenges faced by today's twenty-first century managers in such a dynamic organizational environment will require a new managerial mind-set, strong vision, problem solving skills, and leadership styles.
             New Managerial Mind-Set.
             Mind-sets may be defined quite simply as habits of mind: automatic ways of perceiving and thinking about the world. (Gardiner) Many managers today are rigid and lack flexibility; it is a persistent problem for effective managers to develop good managerial and organizational strategies. Twenty-first century manager should crack and discard the traditional managerial mind-sets of "I am the boss", "My employees can't handled much responsibility", "It's not my problem if my employees are not motivated", and "I will talk, and you will listen".

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