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Organization In Business

            Through organization, relationships are established between activity and authority. The organizing function is typically defined as the means by which management blends human and material resources through the design of a formal structure of task and authority (www.m-w.com). An organization cannot solely exist without specialized employees dedicated to the organization's goals. .
             There are four distinct activities of organizing: (1) to determine what work activities have to be done to achieve organizational intentions, (2) to classify the type of work needed and work groups into manageable team units, (3) to assign the work to individuals and delegate the appropriate authority, and (4) to design a chain of command of decision-making relationships. The end result of the organizing process is an organization -- a whole comprised of integrated parts, acting in harmony to implement tasks to achieve goals, both effectively and efficiently. The organizing process makes it possible to attain the purpose of the organization as previously set out by the planning process. In addition, it should also provide the following benefits, such as a clarified and coordinated work environment and a formal decision making structure. With these benefits in place, everyone should know what to do. The task and responsibilities of all individuals, departments, and major organization divisions should have been clarified. The type and limits of influence will have been determined. Through the use of an organization chart, the formal manager to employee relationship has been developed. This allows for the logical progression upward through the hierarchy for decision making and decision-making communications.
             It is also vitally important to consider plans and goals of an organization. Plans dictate the purposes and activities that organizations have or will have. New departments may be created; old ones may be given additional responsibilities; some may cease to exist.

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