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The Changing Workplace

             42) compares the workforce of the 20th century with the workforce of the 21st century. During the 20th century, an individual could spend their entire life working for the same company. Positions in companies both large and small were easier to come by. There was more job loyalty because the market was not very competitive. People in the workforce were able to obtain positions and grow with the company. Instead of fearing major setbacks and layoffs, their jobs were more secure. Employees believed that as long as their job performance was satisfactory, their position would be secure. .
             Unlike competitive job seekers today, employees in those days concentrated on job performance, merit recognition, and job security within the same company. In those days, companies believed that an individual had to have technical or mechanical skills to be useful. Knowledge of the job function in a certain department was also attractive to potential employers.
             Employees entered into entry-level positions, experienced on-the-job training, and advanced to positions of greater responsibility. This is often displayed in larger companies. Many workers who have risen to senior level positions began in entry level jobs. Upon moving into an entry-level job, they are able to rise into supervisory positions. Eventually, they become a part of management after learning all the functions within a particular department. Years of service played a vital role in being able to work your way to the top. Oftentimes this was achieved without having a college education. .
             People entering the workforce today, recognize the fact that there is no life-long job security with one company, thereby keeping an open mind for seeking better positions within several companies. By working for different companies and functioning in different capacities, many people acquire several unique skills and experiences. These people use these .
             skills to market themselves in order to advance their careers.

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