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The Changing Workplace

             In today's workplace, the relationship between the company's top executives and employees has become almost non-existent. Top executives have become numb to the needs of a company's employees if it doesn't turn a buck. In return, employees have become un-loyal and caring to a company's needs if it doesn't put big dollars into their pockets or quick advancement up the ladder.
             The relationships between the employees and upper management have deteriorated over the past century. In the early 20th century an individual would own a business and run it with a close relationship to those he hired and his community. He felt it necessary to be concerned for his employees and their welfare. He knew the business would not run were it not for his employees. Also, the employees relied on their management to make sound decisions for the business to prosper and in return they, and their community, would prosper. These people had roots and pride in their family and in the community they lived.
             There are very little relationships in today's market. CEOs, stock holders, and personnel, whose only concern is to profit from a company until it has nothing else to offer, are running companies into the dirt. Employees are losing their jobs, their savings and investments, and their futures. They are bouncing from one town, one job to another offering their services to the highest bidder. Stock holders are pulling out of markets at the slightest inclination of disaster, and CEOs are gaining no matter how you look at it.
             A Captain is responsible for his entire ship and for every decision made by him or another on it. He is held accountable and punished if the ship goes off course, someone dies, or it sinks. How is the responsibility of a CEO to his company (his ship) any different from that of a captain? He is responsible for every decision made in that company. The company's success depends on his decisions and his alone.

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