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Information Systems

             After the analysis of both a Managing information system and decision support systems it is time to see how they are implemented with an organisation.
             The company picked was first sport in Brent cross.
             First sport is a sports retailing store with branches all over England. They sell sports equipment and merchandise.
             It is important.
             I was given the number of the IT department and when contacted I was provided with allot of valuable help and information.
             A1. Management Monitoring and Control Systems.
             A generic model of a monitoring and control system is shown in Figure 1.
             Figure 1: Monitoring and Control System Model.
             This monitoring and control system consists of four main elements:.
             A process. At the core of the system is some kind of process that turns inputs into outputs. Let us take the example of a public sector training project that seeks to provide new skills for the unemployed. This project turns inputs of money, equipment and staff labour into outputs of skilled people who are trained via processes of training delivery. .
             A monitoring mechanism. This mechanism gathers information about the outputs from the process. For example, it would gather information about the number of people trained and the extent of their new skills in the training project. .
             A comparison mechanism. This compares the information gathered about current performance with information on previously set plans, benchmarks, targets, etc. These two types of information represent the information needs of the monitoring and control system. For example, this mechanism would compare information on actual skills gained with skill gain targets. This part of the system is often known as the 'evaluation mechanism' .
             A control mechanism. This decides upon and then ensures implementation of corrective action based on the output of the comparison. For example, where skill levels produced by training were lower than expected, changes to the method or location of training might be decided upon and implemented.

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