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             School of Cinema - Television.
             There is not absolute way of expression in a movie because each genre of movie has it own general rule. However, in my movie, I always bear faive major factors in mind whatever genres I shoot. Therefore, my long - term goal is to improve the way of treating those main factors, and to better utilize them in my film. .
             One is camera - work. I always use two or three cameras so that I can shoot without cutting off scenes. By this method, actors can ply their roles with appropriate tension, and I can choose my favorite viewpoint. I used this method, especially, in tense scenes. Another rule is that I always move my camera just after actors move. By this method, audiences can concentrate on actors not camera. The object is the actor, so good movies do not make audiences aware of the camera. In addition, contrast of moves and stops can be emphasized. I learned this method when I took part in one shooting whose theme was a samurai movie with plenty of sword fights. In a scene of sword fights, this method was used, and the camera was moved just after fights began. Fight ended in a moment, and the contrast of stop and move was successfully expressed. .
             The second factor is a dramatic feeling of season. In my country; Japan, seasonal sense is very definite, and each season has its own beauty. If suitable conditions of weather would be used, it would make story a great success; therefore, condition of weather should be drastic. For example, when I shot scene of fighting between class - mates, I shot it in a heavy rain. All of mud, sweat, a drop of water, and a roar of rain contributed to a good scene. .
             The third factor is editing. Film is edited to direct the attention of the audience from scene to scene following the filmmaker's intention.

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