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Horryifing Unemployment Surge

             Hungry, jobless, dirty, and hunger are all symptoms that unemployment leaves behind on society. With major advances in affordable lunar housing modules it is cheaper than ever to buy property on the soon to be renovated surface. When land on the highly overpopulated earth is so expensive most are selling their properties for enormous sums of money. Also with frequent shuttle launches for satellites and space station repairs it would be easy to commute. Could it be possible to reduce dramatic unemployment rates by shooting all poor people to the moon in a very large rocket? .
             Many people argue that you cannot constitute a term like poor people when there is so much variation. Yet all that is proposed is to take the population and the lowest 25% of the economical scale are packed up and sent to their new lunar homes. Also people say that a rocket of that proportion is impossible, to this there can be many launches close to each other in time to reduce their numbers sooner. Whether it means installing a spare part or sending astronauts on a spacewalk to retrieve an errant satellite, the Shuttle is unrivaled in its ability to adapt real-time to get the job done (futureshuttle). Plus they are able to make quite large rockets and the trip is not really that far.
             If you are unaware of the astonishing rise in unemployment it is time to understand the truth. In November, the national unemployment rate for African Americans rose to 10.1 percent, up .3 percent from October, and up a 1.3 percentage from September (IMDiversty). Yet if we send the lower 25% of the population's economy we could let the rest of the world not have to worry about this burden. This way there will be enough jobs for every one and naturally the odor and hunger will be taken care of as well. It will boost moral and people will work harder in their cleaner healthier world, productivity will be up and everyone will feed of off each other's accomplishments.

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