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The Deviant Tone

            Among the popular forms of alternative music is a lasting example of an embryonic culture known as rap. Rap music is very controversial. Some people think it is a fine piece of art while others think it is a horrid, non-talented, way of expressing feelings. Some of the lyrics that go along with this type of music are very explicit and have a large influence on our future teens and adults. While the lyrics are explicit, they can also be degrading, using both sexual and racist comments, to not only women but men as well. Also, rap music causes a lot of problems and disagreements between children and their parents due to their different styles. With today's youth getting more involved with rap they become more influenced by what the songs are saying and they can sometimes affect them in a negative way or convince them to do things that would be considered wrong in today's society.
             The youth in today's society have a language all of their own. Rap music has a tendency to bring new and inappropriate words or phrases to the mouths of our children, pre-teens, and even teenagers. The beats to these songs sometimes seem so out of place, and yet so in sync that the words almost seem unneeded. Yet, they do not seem to disappear. Lyrics are disturbing people, and causing arguments left and right. They"re disturbing people because of the type of words that are being used to describe events or even people. It saddens many people to see so many hours that children spend listening to this horrific music go to waste. We can easily say that our society would be much healthier and less violent if we didn't have rap music. With artists like Eminem singing lyrics like "But I"m not like you I didn't slit her throat, I just tied her up and put her in the trunk, cause if she suffocates she'll suffer more and then she'll die too." This quote is from a song called Stan, in which a wild fan murders himself and his pregnant girlfriend after Eminem does not respond to his letters.

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