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Consumer Behavior

             The main aim of consumer behavior is to identify the consumer's wants and needs. It wants to know how the consumer behaves before and after the product's launch. Mainly, when a company wants to produce a product, it will first conduct a market research to know what the consumer wants, what type of product is the consumer looking for, what should be the price quoted for the product etc.Some customers are completely different. They don't go for advertisements, promotions etc. For e.g. If a family goes to visit a relatives new house, since it's a new house most of the things are going to be brand new in the house. The family checks out each and every corner of the house and suddenly they come across a product. They enquire about the product, they start asking questions like where u bought this product from, how much did u pay for it, is it easy to use etc. Now the family is completely satisfied with the product and they go to the market and buy the same product. In this case, none of the marketing elements are used i.e. Advertising, Sales, Promotion etc. There are some consumers who stick to a particular brand for a particular product. For instance in audio systems, some people like the brand KENWOOD as the system is famous for its (UDS) ultra digital sound. There are some consumers when they buy a particular product they just fall in love with it. They don't even test other products since they are completely satisfied with the old product. For e.g. The Asian king in producing durable products, organization named Lucky Goldstar (LG) uses innovative strategies in their day to day business life. .
             It was a beautiful evening when once I visited the Deira City Center. I decided to visit the Carrefour Store as I really wanted to buy a television set. As strolling in the hi-fi section area, I was amazed to see innumerable sets of brands. There were sets from Sony to Hitachi and Rowa to Sonashi. As I was strolling around the department my eyes just got glued to a particular product.

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