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Sigmund Freud

             Sex is an important thing in everyone's life. Without that release of energy, we might be out causing problems and be getting into trouble. Sigmund Freud knew that deep down inside of everyone there is a wild man or someone that just has to go party. I plan on explaining why one should read Freud and the main reason is, is that he really knows how you feel.
             Freud knew that people had built up aggression. This is what Freud called the Id. The Id was the original and natural feelings that everyone in the world has. Its that feeling of hatred when your neighbor's dog relieves itself on your lawn. Its that feeling of wanting to go over to his house and breaking out all his windows. Freud understands how we feel because he also felt that way. The only problem is, is that the Superego will not let us act on how we really feel. The Superego is "a tyrannical agency that promotes guilt and uses it in negotiating with the threats of the id" (Palmer 249). This is where the all famous word, the ego, comes in. The Superego has to find a median between what you really want to do and what society thinks you should do and that is the ego. Freud knows that you would rather beat the crap out of someone who stole your cd player out of your car, but society says that we can't act on these natural feelings. Society would rather see us call the police in a situation like that and if we didn't, we would surely be in trouble.
             Furthermore, this outlet of natural feelings that society says we must take is called Sublimation. It "is the basic change which takes place in the original instinctual aim wit respect to the external object and, as well, to the form of the instinctual gratification." (Eidelburg 419). In other words, when we feel like that "someone" has done us a great injustice and we would love to get them physically, we must find another way to rid this new found aggression. We could do this, for example, in the form of playing football.

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