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            I had an opportunity to catch the play "Waiting for MacArthur" at the Moody Auditorium. The play was on Friday October 10 2003 on the Lubbock Christian University campus grounds. I was somewhat eager to see the play; one reason being that it was on campus and two because Dr. Don Williams and Dr. Laurie Doyle were directing the production. Being a psychology major this helps me better analyze people. Just kidding, I do not want to scare you. I mainly saw the production because it was on campus. .
             The play itself contained one main character, Annie Lou Holsom, and three other supporting characters. Annie starts the play as a nurse who has just enrolled in servicing in the World War II. She sees the whole brigade as amusing and quite entertaining as she makes fun of her supervisor with "clucking" mockery. As the play progresses, she is faced with having to dodge bullets and deal with wounded soldiers coming in at all times. She takes the wounded and the dead very personally, this causes her to have an anxiety disorder. She is then unable to function; therefore, they send her and several other people away from the bombing to receive treatment and shelter.
             Margaret, who is Annie's English teacher, is more than helpful to aiding Annie as she deals with the war. Margaret and Annie write to each other concerning how to cope with family, friends, and the war. Margaret grows from Annie's letters. She finds out whom she truly is and takes a step out of her comfort zone to be able to express herself and aid in women just like Annie. .
             Mama is of course Annie's mother. She appears to be overly protective and in constant worry for her daughter being so far away. Mama writes to Annie but receives very few letters back. Annie feels that she does not know what to say to her family anymore because all she can think about are the bombings and all the people dying. Annie does not want to worry her family; therefore, she hides her hurt and writes very little to them.

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