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Was it the Right Decision to Fire General Macarthur during Korea

            It was not right to fire Macarthur during the Korean War.
             At the end of World War II, Korea had divided into North Korea and South Korea. Basically North Korea was occupied by Russian troops, the Communist group, and South Korea was occupied by American troops. In their northern zone the Soviets set up a puppet Communist clique and trained a Communist army, Deter minded to prevent the formation of a free South Korean government, the Russians fought against its establishment. On June 25 1950, A North Korean army - Russian-trained, Russian equipped, and presumably Russian-inspired- suddenly lunged southward across the borderline 38th parallel with the object of engulfing UN-sponsored South Korea. Beginning of Korean War was the evidence of conflict between Macarthur, and President Truman. Because result of lost South Korea by communists meant that lost only democratic country in the eastern Asia, which had not to be happened for America. Truman tried to think here. .
             The Security Council of the UN, then meeting on Long Island, moved swiftly under prodding from Washington. Because, if the UN failed, all hope of collective security would presumably perish, and World War III would become virtually inevitable. Truman would have to move rapidly, too a resolute stand. He ordered the navy to neutralize Formosa by preventing attacks from Formosa on China or from Communist China on Formosa. Finally, Macarthur was ordered. Macarthur was one of the most important general in the war during the period of the time. When Communist North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950, the United States entered the war with the support of the United Nations, named the UN commander; Macarthur hastily dispatched U.S. occupation troops from Japan to Korea. (http://encarta.msn.com). Under authority of the UN, President Truman appointed General Douglas Macarthur as commander of the international force. On June 7, Macarthur was placed in charge of all UN forces with the remaining South Korean troops also under his command.

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