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            Quirky behavior or something more serious? Obsessive Compulsive.
             Disorder or OCD affects nearly two to three percent of the U.S.
             population. OCD affects both males and females, but males start to.
             show signs of OCD at an earlier age, between the ages of six and.
             fifteen, while in females it tends to occur later. "Obsessive.
             Compulsive Disorder.
             "OCD."http://athealth.com/athealth31.cfm'topic=22(1 April 2000). A.
             good example of OCD can be viewed in the movie "As Good As It Gets.".
             In this movie, Jack Nicholson plays a character who uses a bar of.
             soap once, then throws it away, constantly checks the locks on doors.
             to make sure they"re locked before leaving. He must sit at the same.
             table, in the same restaurant and have the same waitress every day.
             If his routines are changed, in any way, it causes to have an anxiety.
             attack. "OCD." http://www.mayohealth.org/mayo/9809/htm/ocd.htm(29.
             March 2000).
             Just being "quirky" or a "perfectionist" doesn't mean someone.
             has OCD. Because people always get things done ahead of time, or have.
             weird "obsessions", doesn't mean that they are Obsessive Compulsive.
             it may be that they hold themselves to a higher standard of living.
             Only when the behaviors begin to interfere with everyday living, is.
             it considered to be OCD."OCD.".
             http://www.mayohealth.org/mayo/9809/htm/ocd.htm(29 March 2000). .
             One of many causes of OCD is felt to be, an imbalance in.
             serotonin, which is a chemical that occurs naturally in the brain and.
             is believed to control the receptive behaviors. The belief is.
             strengthened due to the fact that medication taken to enhance the.
             action of serotonin appears to help the patients greatly. Childhood.
             ailments, such as throat infections may induce OCD, also, genetic.
             factors may play a role in the contraction of the disorder. A study.
             done at the MAYO clinic, is that, some people have a biological.
             predisposition to react strongly to stress, a reaction that for some.
             reason evokes the intrusive thoughts, anxieties and ritual.

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