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             "Fools" written by Neil Simon, takes place in a small town in Russia. Leon Tolchinsky, the main character, is the new school teacher in town hired to break the stupidity curse put on the town, many years ago. The curse can be broken when Sofia Zubritsky, daughter of Dr. Zubritsky, is married because of true love. The problem is that the curse has banned love as well as intelligence in the town.
             The opening scene starts with Leon, the new school teacher, trying to find directions to Dr. Zubritsky's house. Leon is approached by Snetsky, a Sheepherder, who has lost his sheep. Leon Tries to use many different "honey" tactics to acquire the directions to the Dr's house, but since Snetsky has the curse, it makes it a little difficult. When Snetsky ignored his question of directions, Leon uses a tactic of seeming interested in Snetsky's problem to seem friendly, and does this by using a higher voice when asking what was wrong, and tries to give Snetsky solutions. He realizes that honey tactics aren't working, and begins to show frustration and becomes more persistent in asking where to go by using eye contact very close to Snetsky's face and with a definite change in pitch of voice.
             Once Leon finds his way, in the next scene he reaches Dr. Zubritsky's home, meeting Sofia for the first time. At the first sight of Sofia, Leon instantly falls in love. His mood changes from pure frustration, to undying devotion to help this beauty and break the curse. As he starts to educate Sofia, he begins to want affection back from her. His tactics begin to shift to see if she likes him back, he sits very closely next to her and touches her hand that is placed on her knee, to bring her eye contact back to him. As their learning session comes to a close, Sofia gives him a comment that she has some affection back towards him, and Leon heart melts. Now that Leon knows she has some feelings for him, he now shifts tactics to get a physical sign from her that she likes him, preferably a kiss.

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