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1984 essay

            Before I bought the book, I thought it would be a funny criticism of totalitarian regime like in the Animal Farm. The person, I bought the book; told me that George Orwell was a liar so I should not have believed what was written in the book, 1984. From his face expression I could understand that he really hated the book and the writer. I told myself that it was just a book. I was curious why he hated the book so much. When I read the book to the end of second chapter, I found that it was not an ordinary book. I found out that the seller of the book was probably a communist and angry because of the criticism of communism. The book was written by a genius writer who gave us the reflection of today and future with his ideas about telescreen, war, and classification of society. In this book he foreshadowed about these topics for our world. I am really surprised that all of his comments on these topics are true nearly after 55 years. .
             One of the most important topics that Goldstein mentioned in his book is the telescreen. In the book it was used as a way of indoctrination. It imposed the propaganda of the authority, Big Brother and Ingsoc. Everyday on telescreens the Oceanian people watched how strong their country was or what a great leader the Big Brother was. The reflection of the telescreen for our world is television. Nowadays TV is the most powerful unit of media, which has a great effect on the citizens of a country. Similar to the book the television is also used as a propaganda machine. The latest example took place in the elections of Turkey. A media boss, Cem Uzan, who owns four TV channels, attended to the elections as the chairman of a new Party. Everyday on his channels he imposed the propaganda of his party. As a result he got a higher vote rate than many experienced parties and politicians such as Bulent Ecevit who was the former Prime Minister of Turkey. That event was a sign that show the great propaganda power on people today.

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