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The Rise of Independent Nations In Indochina

            The Rise of Independent Nations In Indochina.
             All of these nations came into existence during a turbulent era around fifty years ago. They are the three nations, which make up the region commonly known as, Indochina. Before those countries were founded, the entire region of Indochina was under French control. After World War II, French power began to slip and the First Indochina War began. Eventually, they were spawned as a result of the Geneva Accords.
             These countries were founded during the Cold War. During that era, there was another conflict that was being fought. Not with weapons, but war seemed to be inevitable. Many nations, including the United States, were concerned at the rise of communist nations. The communists were a popular group in Indochina and it caused many problems for them when they wanted to declare their independence. The Cold War mentality, combined with a large communist group trying to gain control of the region led to the Vietnam War. Such opposition made it difficult for them to set up an independent nation.
             The entire region of Indochina is comprised of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. It is the eastern half of a long peninsula that extends into the South China Sea from the rest of Southeast Asia, making it just below China on the map. Although it is currently divided into these three nation-states, the French united the region after it was conquered. Before that it was comprised of independent tribes and states, which held the region together. It split up after the Geneva Accords in 1954. .
             Prior to the current political situation in Indochina, it was under French rule. The French took control of the region in 1893 and it became known as French Indochina. They annexed parts of the region while others were labeled as protectorates. This region would remain under French control until France surrendered to Germany.
             When the French surrendered to German forces, it left French Indochina in disarray.

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