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Cambodia, Laos and Communist China

            After World War One or also known as "the Great War" Cambodia and Laos became countries. The European countries had to rebuild their countries because of the damage done during the war. They could no longer maintain their colonies that they had before "the Great War" happened which cost them many. The United Nations declared that the once ruled European countries had the right to self-rule. Indochina is made up of many countries but Cambodia and Laos are different then most of them. Cambodia and Laos are the same in many ways. Cambodia and Laos' quest for independence has come from internal conflict within each country and with the influence of Communism from Vietnam as well as the anti-communist influence from the United States and England.
             Independence and the Rise of Leadership.
             Cambodia and Laos are two countries near China and Vietnam. After World War II they were both fighting with and influenced by Vietnam and China. Cambodia became independent on November 9, 1953.1 Laos has been independent around the same time as Cambodia, but thought of as less thought of than Cambodia. The religion in Cambodia and Laos is Theravada Buddhism. Cambodia is one of the five countries that help make up Indochina. Cambodia borders Vietnam and Laos and is about the size of Missouri. French control in Cambodia ceased on March 2, 1955. At that time Prince Sihanouk took over. .
             Laos is a forgotten battleground from the Vietnam War. About 85 percent of the population is poor famers. 2 Laos was founded after American troops invaded Cambodia in May 1970.3 Laos' government, The Royal Lao Government, had been trying to gradually reduce the annual growth rate to about 1.8 percent, which would help decrease the population. To try and achieve this they wanted to promote voluntary family planning and reduce the death rate.4 In Laos at least half of the population is under the age of 15. More the 90 percent of the population live in rural areas.

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