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Lucille Ball

            Lucille Ball did a number of things in her early years.
             Lucille Desiree Ball was born on August 11, 1911 in Jamestown, NY.
             As a young girl, Lucy always imagined being under the lights of Broadway.
             By age 15, Lucy enrolled in a drama school in NYC and auditioned over and.
             over again but never got a part.
             She became a model for a designer instead, and ended up winning.
             "Chesterfield Cigarette Girl" in 1933.
             Her career was cut short though because she was diagnosed with rheumatoid.
             arthritis and had to under go many experimental surgeries.
             Throughout Lucy's career she appeared in over 60 films.
             1. She started off with low budget films that just overlooked her.
             natural talent. She eventually ended up working with the legendary.
             Bob Hope and Katharine Hepburn.
             2. From 1947 to 1951, Lucy added another talent to her resume.
             She played an off the wall banker's wife on the famous CBS radio show "My.
             Favorite Husband.".
             Soon after the radio show took off, CBS wanted to turn it into a television.
             show. Lucy said the only way she would be on the show was if her real-life.
             husband, Desi Arnaz could play the part of her husband.
             5. Cuban bandleader, Desi, married Lucy in 1940 after a meeting in the.
             television studio.
             1. Overtime, their marriage began to suffer because they both.
             had very busy schedules.
             2. Lucy spent most of her time in Hollywood making movies,.
             while Desi toured with his band.
             D. In 1950, Lucy and Desi formed Desilu Productions, in efforts to make.
             their marriage work.
             1. They decided to try and start a television show that revolved.
             around their marriage, a redheaded woman who loved to clown around,.
             and a bandleader.
             E. At first, CBS thought the media wouldn't accept their marriage, but.
             "I Love Lucy", grew to be the biggest show on TV between 1952 and 1956.
             It was number in the Neilson ratings. During all of the seasons of the.
             show, CBS never changed its timeslot- Monday at 9pm.
             1. "I Love Lucy's" slapstick comedy drew in millions of viewers and.

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