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Salt of the Earth

            There are four ideas that have been challenging to me during the course. The chapter, "How Do I Relate with My Personal Style?" from Bugabee, most influenced my growth in the class with the idea of personal style. Most people do their theology through the eyes of their personal style. They read and relate to biblical truth according to their style and preferences. If a person is energized through people, they will have a tendency to place a higher value and emphasis on themes like love, forgiveness, fellowship, community, and grace. If a person is task-oriented, they may focus on such themes as going and making disciples, praying, and putting on the armor of God. Obeying, committing, and serving are the concepts that energize them.
             This concept might be helpful in future ministry by I learned that I am a structured person and oriented towards goals. I need to focus on ministry that applies to my strengths and not try to be a person I am not. God has given me a certain personality and instead of criticizing myself for what I cannot accomplish, I should strive to serve God with the type of mind he has given me. Structured people pick up on judgment, law, order, preparation, and justice. Unstructured people gravitate to the understanding of walking by faith, God's giving them the words needed at the appointed moment, trust, being filled with the Spirit, and not worrying.
             This concept might be applied now by I know how to witness to the unsaved more effectively. Understanding what I offer through my personal style is needed but it is not complete. A person does not see all of God no matter how they see him. Everyone needs each other to complete the fullness of Christ. People need what they lack in order for the body of Christ to be balanced and healthy. I could seek others with an opposite personality to teach me the side of God I cannot comprehend. Combined with an unstructured person oriented in relationships, both of us could accomplish more for God.

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