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William Faulkner

            William Faulkner is renowned as one of the greatest American observers of Southern life, recording many of his annotations is his extraordinary short stories. Although Faulkner wrote many novels such as Absalom Absalom and The Sound and the Fury, his intuition into the lives of people around him is clearly seen in his shorter stories. That Evening Sun, Uncle Willy, Red Leaves, Hair, and A Rose for Emily are a few stories that describe his broad array of writing ability.
             Faulkner was born in Mississippi in 1897 and was raised in the small town of Oxford where he felt was adequate enough to base many of his stories. Yoknapatawpha is a very famous fictional own, based on his own hometown, where many of Faulkner's stories take place. Faulkner dropped out of school many times and lost many jobs because of his constant writing. He spent his time invested in writing groups instead, until his stories were being published regularly. He gained more popularity with his short stories and novels throughout the early 20th century until he received the Noble Prize for Literature in 1952 (Timeline.) .
             During his lifetime, Faulkner, won awards, such as the Legion of Honor for his short stories as well as his novels (timeline.) Faulkner usually played with different perspectives in different stories, using children narrators to describe a situation. Uncle Willy is a story with a young boy narrator. This boy explains that Uncle Willy is a great man although he is a struggling drug addict. .
             "I went because Uncle Willy was the finest man I ever knew, because even women couldn't beat him, because in spite of them he wound up his life getting fun out of being alive, and he dies doing the thing that was most fun because I was there to help him,".
             is how the boy describes his admiration for Uncle Willy. At the time when a boy is this age he doesn't understand the aspects of addiction like the people in the story who were trying to help him, such as his own father.

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