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Death Penalty

             The death penalty has haunted our nation's reputation since 1976 when the United States Supreme Court ruled capital punishment not "cruel and unusual." Our society has created movies, songs, and poems that constantly remind us of this terrible process we go through in an attempt to rid our country of crime. Death by execution is not something we should be proud of. It is an embarrassing situation that we should not find ourselves in. The United States is thought of as a country of freedom and happiness by the rest of the world, but lately those thoughts have more than likely changed. Why should the rest of the world respect and look up to us if we do not even respect the lives of our own citizens? There are countless articles and essays written about capital punishment, many which are intended to persuade the reader to join a side of the argument. Edward I. Koch is the author of an essay titled "Death and Justice." In his essay Koch gives examples of murder and rape cases in an effort to defend his opinion. He also lists seven of the most frequently used arguments in the conflict. Koch does not agree with any of the seven arguments and provides reasons for his disagreements. The reasons Koch uses in his attempt to state his opinion are weak, unintelligent, and immoral.
             Koch does not agree with the argument that an innocent person might be executed by mistake. He writes that the records have been checked and they do not show that it .
             has ever happened. Which leads us to the question: Does Mr. Koch actually think that the government would allow such a horrid mishap to be published for everyone to see? Of course not! The fact that the records show no such case is not evidence that it has never happened. If it has happened it would be kept secret to avoid the society from being in an uproar. The possibility of there being a mistake should horrify humanity to no end.

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