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Moving to Chicago

            Moving to Chicago was quite an experience, from living with my cousins, to moving into a broke down apartment. And the three day drive there wasn't a picnic either. My brother and I in each others faces for three days straight without any breathing space. That was a bad idea.
             Before we moved to Chicago we had to move in with my cousins, because my father came to Chicago before us to look for a job and a place to stay. Living with my cousins was hard. We were nine kids in a 3 bedroom house. And my mom was two months pregnant with my little brother Ahmed at the time. It was great at first because my cousin Andalieb is my age and I always had someone to play with but after a while we became jealous of each other and we were also annoyed of each other because we had to share everything our clothes our toys our lives! She hated it when I played with her friends but I didn't have anyone else to play with. And when ever we were in a fight she would turn everyone against me and no one would play with me. It was horrible. We also shared a bedroom and slept in the same bed. So there was no escaping each other. I always begged my mother "Lets move mom please", but her answer was always the same "We have to wait for your father." Then I would let out a big sigh and would wish I could be any where but there. When the day for us to leave finally came I cried I knew even though Andalieb and I fought a lot, I would miss her very much. We had officially become sisters.
             The car ride there wasn't any better my brother and I in the back seat of the van for three days straight we could've killed each other. And my little sister who was a year and a half at the time cried the whole way. She wanted to get out and play, to do something but she couldn't. She hated being confined to the car seat for three days. And it wasn't like she had anywhere to play. We didn't see anything except the highway, gas stations and the occasional restaurant.

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