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Egypt Alternatives

             Chariots of the Gods, Erich Von Daniken, 1968.
             • Experts estimate the number of inhabitants on earth at the time of the building of great pyramids at 50,000,000 , meaning there would have been too few men living in Egypt to build it successfully.
             • Could all the workers lived on the field of agriculture in the Nile delta? Unlikely.
             • In order to import wood there must have been a sizeable fleet to move up the river.
             • How were supplies transported from the Nile to pyramid site? Ropes not invented yet.
             • Why was that specific spot choose so far away from the Nile, their life line? .
             • The site was choose by pharaoh.
             • It is questionable that the builder came up with the dimensions of a perfect pyramid by chance.
             • Ropes and rollers did not exist at that time in history.
             • If no grain was present what did the workers live on, and where did they live?.
             • "Heave ho" method impossible due to lack of technology.
             • Unrealistic that a pyramid was built for just one man.
             • Estimated time for completion : 664 years at 10 blocks piled per day.
             Alternative Two.
             Building of the Great Pyramid, Clifford Wilson, 1975.
             • Believes "heave ho" method more conceiving.
             • Granite and limestone was brought down on rafts from Aswan and transported by sled to site.
             • Site choice influenced by religious beliefs that the sun that set in the west was the dwelling place of the dead.
             • Believes wood was imported for sleds, scaffolding, ad balks, much needed equipment for the building process.
             • Huge objects like statues were moved on sled by men, water was used tor educe friction on ground.
             • Blocks dragged using pulleys and ropes, workers could drag stones up embankments.
             • Height of embankment could be increased as height of pyramid increased.

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