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Athenas and Ares

             Throughout the ancient world, many civilizations established secret societies known only to a select few. Each of these had different gods to which it gave tribute to, had different qualifications for its membership, gave its own secret knowledge, had an initiation ritual and had secret revelations that were given to its members. These secret societies or cults fulfilled a basic need for the individuals who joined and that fact is what really contributed to their immense popularity. From the very prestigious and elite in society to the servants and field workers, some human need was satisfied and allowed for their growing success and continuity. Though very mysterious and elusive as far as any specific knowledge of any punctilio "mystery cult," as they were often known as, one particular cult has been the talk of many conspiracy theorists. This particular group known as the A.A.C.W., or Ares and Athena's Cult of War, which is considered the Illuminati of war mongrels, has been the most sought after secret cult of modern times. Though very little is known on the actual membership of this cult, or any information on its rituals many rumors have been circulated some say by an infiltrator.
             Ares and Athena are the ancient Greek gods of war. Athena is the goddess of warfare to protect the state and is involved in the strategic aspect of it. Ares on the other hand fights for the hell of it. He symbolizes the fearless warrior while Athena symbolizes the commanding general. According to rumor this is why the alleged members of the AACW are exclusively of a military or intelligence agency background, this includes men and women. The cult was split essentially into two groups, the strategists and the soldiers. Both groups would pay homage to Athena and Ares, but strategists would pay a little more to Athena while the soldiers would pay a little more to Ares. .
             All members of the cult had to have an extensive background in hand to hand combat as well as weapons combat.

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