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Windows 98 vs. Windows XP

            The Microsoft's operating system Windows XP is much better then Windows 98.
             It also boots and shuts down faster, and has a better .
             look to it.
             The new member of Microsoft's family, Windows XP, is the most secure .
             operating system yet. In contrast, Windows XP maintains tight control over who is who .
             and who does what. You can require users to log in, so that only authorized users can .
             access files. This is good not only for protecting your data but for preserving settings and .
             preferences. Windows XP recognizes three kinds of users. Administrators have full .
             control over all aspects of system configuration; the other two categories, Limited and .
             Guest, have curtailed capabilities.
             Windows XP is more stable then any other Microsoft's operating system. It can .
             run for weeks, even months, crash free. This is a great improvement. It also has a "remote .
             desktop", which takes control of your desktop computer at home.
             XP boots much faster then Windows 98. It also shuts down faster. The time that .
             Windows XP needs to boot up is only 34 seconds. The time that it needs to shut down is .
             9 seconds. This is due to the fact that it doesn't rely on DOS system anymore, while .
             Windows 98 still does. This means that Windows XP doesn't have to wait for DOS to .
             boot up before it can boot up itself. .
             Windows XP's interface is not revolutionary but it does include new themes-.
             collections of color settings and background images for windows that have rounded .
             corners, shading, and textured windows frames and buttons. The most significant .
             interface changes are in the Start menu and the taskbar. It is much more colorful. .
             In Windows 98, security was an easy-to-bypass afterthought. Anyone could read, .
             edit, or delete any file on the hard disk, since neither the MS-DOS operating system .
             underlying Windows 98 nor the FAT and FAT32 file systems have any mechanism for .
             controlling file access, other then the simple read only flag. That's a problem for anybody .

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