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The Crucible vs. Scarlet Letter

            The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter are two exceptional books that deal with the issue of guilt .The Crucible portrayed to be a modern play written by Arthur Miller based on a true story, of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. On the other hand, The Scarlet Letter was an old-fashion, fiction novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Both of these books consist of abundant similarities such as, they deal with the guilt of committing adultery, both focused on the Puritan culture, and the characters were made outcasts of society.
             "Men do not tell secrets because these are the men that deceive themselves". (Hawthorne 130) This quote refers to John Proctor and Arthur Dimmesdale. It tells us that the characters had committed a sin of passion, which they could not confess. Proctor and Dimmesdale's hearts were aching with guilt because of what they had done. Dimmesdale feared to show his face because he felt he was deceiving the townspeople by coming off so pious and virtuous. Likewise, Proctor, when facing the magistrates was hesitating to admit his act. The Puritans" culture and regulations played a significant role in both books. In The Crucible, as well as in the Scarlet Letter both groups of people were told to abide by certain rules of the Puritans. In both books, the women were told to live simple lives and devote themselves entirely to their husbands. Hester Prynne, for example had to marry a man whom she did not love. In Elizabeth Proctor's case, she maintained a relationship with a man who betrayed her love. Another resemblance between the two books is the shunning of people out of the social order. In the tale pertaining to Hester Prynne, she was thrown aside and marked with the scarlet "A" for having done a wrong that should have been only her business. Instead, all the people of the town looked at her as if she was a lowlife. Elizabeth Proctor was believed to be a witch after Abigail Williams stated her fallacy to the judges of the church.

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