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Comparison of Themes Between The Scarlet Letter and The Cruc

            The two authors of The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter had different .
             views on topics, which are expressed through their literary works. The two .
             authors had different views concerning topics such as, the nature of evil, the .
             meaning of the forest, and truth. But they also had many similar views, .
             which dictate the path that is followed in their literary works.
             The author of The Crucible saw the nature of evil as a thing of .
             children. This view can be seen when, through a sick, twisted joke, a group .
             of children pretend to see the devil and many people are killed due to these .
             lies. These children are portrayed as "evil" in the story. But, in The Scarlet .
             Letter the true nature of evil is seen as more of an adult trait. The "evil" .
             person in the story is Roger Chillingworth. Roger is seen as evil because he .
             does not sin for love, as do Hester and Dimmesdale, but sins for his own .
             dark pleasure. This is seen as an adult trait because the children of the town .
             are seen as spiritually superior and innocent, such as Pearl. But in The .
             Crucible, the children are viewed as evil, the adults are treated as spiritual .
             superiors, sort of vice versa form The Scarlet Letter.
             In The Crucible, the forest is seen as a place of mystery and evil. This .
             shows that the author viewed this place as a place of evil, mystery, and .
             suspense. The forest was the place where the girls stripped naked and .
             danced. This was seen as a sin of horrific proportion, because when you are .
             in the forest, you are with the Indians, who are "possessed by the devil." The .
             forest was viewed that way because in the early days, Indians used to roam .
             and practice their "magic" there. That view is not very different from .
             Nathaniel Hawthorne's view on the forest in The Scarlet Letter. The Scarlet .
             Letter does not see the forest in such a grim light as does The Crucible, but it .
             does see the forest as a place where you express your true self, outside the .

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