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Los Angeles Notebook

             The essay, "Los Angeles Notebook", written by Joan Didion, is about the Santa Ana winds and its affects on people. She views the winds as scientific and horrific. This is noticed by the development of the paragraphs. The paragraphs go from a deep dark tone to a more reasoning, scientific tone. Paragraph 1 she introduces the Santa Ana wind and its dark qualities. Paragraph 2 shows the wind's affects on the people in the area and its horrific qualities. Lastly, paragraph three states why the wind causes the affects on the people on Santa Ana in a scientific matter. .
             In the essay, the author provides great imagery for her horrific view. For example, lines 3-8 state " tonight a Santa Ana will begin to blow, a hot wind from northeast whining down through the Cajon and San Gorgonio Passes, blowing up sandstorms out along Route 66, drying the hills and nerves to the flash point. For a few days now we will see smoke back in the canyons, and hear sirens in the night." These lines use words such as blow, hot, whining, drying nerves, smoke, and sirens show the horrific qualities of the Santa Ana wind. Other imagery was used through out the essay that describe the wind. Some examples are yellow skies, leeward slope, and cold mass.
             The author uses good syntax in this essay by varying her sentence lengths. Each sentence is different. Such as in line 11, she uses "The baby frets." This sentence has only three words total, a very basic sentence. Then in lines 55-58, a much longer, more sophisticated sentence appears. The sentence uses word such as discovered, precede, ratio, positive and negative ions. By varying sentence lengths and formality, the reader become more interested in the essay. Also, this sentence shows the readers her scientific view toward the Santa Ana winds. The author using great diction, the folowing words give the sense of scientific reasoning in the essay. Some other diction used was in line 20 with "ominously glossy.

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