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African Art

            Africans have inspired many people to change their way of thinking about art. People before being introduced to African arts thought that the end product had to portray the object exactly as it was in the real world. .
             When people began exploring African art they became fascinated with the way that it stood out. African art had strong geometric shapes and solid lines, this fascinated many artists in Europe who were becoming tired with traditional European arts. When explorers first brought the pieces back to Europe Missionaries displayed the work in the churches to show who they were going to convert to Christianity. Not long after the pieces started to come back to Europe many artists were becoming interested in the way that Africans created art. This inspired many artists to start and experiment with African art. Some of the artists who experimented and liked the way African art portrayed things were Geaorges Braque, Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck, and Pablo Picasso. Many of Pablo's paintings are known for geometric shapes and things of that sort.
             African art continues to inspire many artists around the world even today. Many African ways to create art are considered some of the finer elements of art that you should be aware of today.
             African art is considered to be a suitable form of artistic expression in recent centuries. Many artist use African art as an inspiration to create their own works of art.
             African art has opened the door for many other forms of art from many other cultures. African arts can be seen in many paintings and sculptures even today. The art of African cultures have been blended seamlessly into many western forms of art. Many wall paintings resemble the work of Africans. Even the way that vehicles are designed have been influenced by African art, many of the designs have solid lines now instead of the sweeping lines associated with western culture.

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