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            Our solar system the Milky Way galaxy is composed of nine planets and a sun roughly put. But of those nine planets they tell a story that is very old in fact probably 10 million years old we don't really know. However, to better understand this I will refer to it as cosmology the study of the universe as a whole because we are not just talking about the solar system. In our small solar system, we have nine planets and they are best known as mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Of these nine planets we have can factually state that the only planet able to sustain life as of right now is earth. Earth is made up of more than 70% water and all of its living organisms contain water. This makes earth unique with it properties of water or H20 as put scientifically. However, earth is a small part of cosmology as a whole but I am going to focus on our solar system frequently. Our solar system is part of a galaxy called the Milky Way galaxy and we are but one of billions of galaxies in intergalactic space. Some of the closest galaxies to us are the Large Magellanic cloud, the Small Magellanic cloud, and The Andromeda Galaxy, which is also a spiral galaxy like ours. But, the Andromeda galaxy is 4 times as large as the milky way and is located 2 million light years away from us and can be seen through the southern hemisphere of the galaxy. The nine planets in our solar system that orbit the sun orbit in a counter-clockwise direction rotating on a plane knows as the plane of the ecliptic. Pluto however is a different case its orbit is elliptic but it is tilted approximately 18 degrees and it the most highly elliptical of all the nine planets. Because of its orbit, for some of its orbiting time Pluto is inside the orbit of Neptune.
             Five billion years ago, a cloud of hot swirling dust of hydrogen gas produced our sun and planets. As the clouds swirled the center collapsed to form what is known as a protostar.

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