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            Augustine focuses mainly on the Christian sovereign God of grace as well as the sovereign grace of God. This book truly is a "confession" of a man who realizes the filth of the human race and who knows what a disgrace we are to our creator. These first three books of Augustine's confessions delve heavily into the motives of human behavior especially in infancy. He is talking to God and praising him for the abundant grace of which he does not deserve, but receives without question upon request. He also talks briefly on the omnipotence of God and brings up the question of the actual presence of God in things. Whether or not God saturates all things with his presence or if he just fills them according to size. His analyzing of human action brings one to think that he is also a psychologist on top of the other things. It seems that he was not trying to change Christianity as much as he was attempting to bring light to and defend some main issues of the religion. He was the great apologetic in his writings on the grace and mercy of God. He goes on in books two and three to talk more on his life as a teenager and then a student in Carthage. He talks of his idleness at the age of sixteen and how he was plagued with sin and lust. When he talks of stealing the pears he churns up and discusses heavily motives and aims of sinful man. His writings go along well with the ideas of Martin Luther and the protestant reformation. He is having a personal relationship with Christ. He is confessing his sins directly to him. He recognizes that when the curtain was torn in the tabernacle upon the death of Christ that it symbolized that there was no more separation between God and man. There was no need of a burnt offering and no need of a Holy of Holies. There was no need to tie ropes to the ankles of the priests who went in the presence of God because now everyone was in the presence of God.

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