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             Augustine's views on sin and sexuality were expressed in his writings, such as "The Confessions," which later contributed in the birth of the Roman Catholic theory. As a young boy he was sexually active and he had a son when he was a teenager. Later on, he joined the Manichean sect, who believed that having children corrupted the world even more. These beliefs shaped his view that if a man marries he should have children, but that will "prevent the full development of his mental and spiritual capacities." Pelagianism influenced Augustine's ideas and views on sexuality; the belief that man can will himself to do good and that everyone was responsible for their own sins and actions. Augustine's opponents believed that marriage and sexuality was linked to "original sin," so therefore marriage and sexuality was condemned. Also, they believed that a newborn was sinful because he was conceived through a sinful act. As a defender of marriage, Augustine was careful not to imply!.
             that "a biological transfer of the parents sinfulness to the child" existed. The way Augustine viewed a woman was "a baby-making machine." Augustine felt that marriage was good if the intention was to have children, but sinful and wrong if marriage is used to fulfill one's desires and satisfy one's lust.

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