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Restricting the Rights of Parent Family Planning in Communis

             Seeing as how the National History Day theme is Rights and Responsibilities in History, my partner and I were thinking about the rights and roles that other cultures and countries play besides the United States. First we made a list of different nationalities that are interesting to us. Then from there we went through a process of elimination. Since Diana had previously done a project on China and its communist ways, we thought that this topic would be perfect for our history fair project.
             How We Conducted Our Research.
             Our choice for our project was to make an exhibit, so we split it in half. We decided that she would do the backboard and I would do the process paper which was an even half-to-half. I went to the library and checked out two books that were very helpful. She then started to research on the internet to get pictures of people in China who were limited to one child. The internet was a great resource because it had so many varieties of pictures and information. A friend of mine was Chinese therefore she was helpful when I asked her questions about how her country is. After gathering information on our topic, we then started to begin on the exhibit.
             How We Created and Developed Our Exhibit.
             First we figured out what pictures we were putting on the backboard. We arranged them according to how they would fit with each other. Next we wrote out what each picture meant. This process took a while because we hand wrote it. Then we glued the pictures to the backboard. We then typed, sized, and printed what was going with every picture on the exhibit. Then I started to write the draft of the process paper.
             How Our Project Relates to the Theme .
             Our project relates to the theme in many ways. The couples in China live in a communist world. Therefore they are limited to only 1 child. Only in certain circumstances may they have another. It relates to the theme because the rights and responsibilities of people living in China are very strict.

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