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Falseness of The Great Gatsby

            One possible theme of the Great Gatsby is falseness. Many of the key characters were false in.
             some way or another and wore "false faces". The falseness of each character and how they.
             interacted and intertwined with each other was definently a directing force of the novel.
             First of all the narrator Nick is false in a sense because he states early on that he reserves.
             all judgment but it is evident throughout the novel that he thinks of himself higher than everyone.
             else. One example of Nick's falseness is that he does not like Tom very much from the beginning,.
             especially when he finds out about the affair he is having with Myrtle, but he still goes along with.
             them to the apartment in New York. I also believe that however non-judgmental a person tries to.
             be or believes he/she is, it is impossible not to be in some way or another. Especially when.
             around people that are amoral or people that go against your beliefs and morals.
             Daisy Buchanan has worn a false face since the evening before her wedding. After her.
             "breakdown" she pulled herself together and decided that it was the right thing to do to marry.
             Tom. She knew that he had money and that she would never want for anything. From that time.
             on she presented herself to be happily married but in truth she felt trapped in her marriage. She.
             also presented herself to be foolish and shallow but in my opinion she was quite the opposite. .
             One reason I believe this, is the comment she made about her daughter, right after her birth she.
             wept and said, "-that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." She stated.
             this because that was how she portrayed herself to be and then no one was the wiser to her true.
             feelings. I also feel that she did this because people then did not hold her accountable for her.
             actions because she was weak. Which is what happened when she hit and killed Myrtle Wilson.
             while driving Gatsby's car. .
             Myrtle Wilson is married to George but having an affair with Tom Buchanan.

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