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Stem Cells

            Many scientists have researched the biological development of humans. Thirty years ago they discovered the stem cell. Now, scientists are researching human stem cells. Human stem cells are unspecialized precursor cells that renew themselves for long periods of time and give rise to multiple tissue types according to the National Institutes of Health ("Stem Cells: A Primer." Sept. 2002). Stem cell research has become a very controversial issue today. With the new technologies in science today who know where this could lead in the future. But because of the controversies around stem cells, some people want stem cell research stopped. .
             Stem cell research is probably one of the most debated issues today. I believe that most of Americans believe that the results that stem cell research can bring is good, but it is where the cells come from that is causing the debates. Scientist are doing research with stem cells to help with treatment or even possibly cures in many disease such as Parkinson's disease, different types of cancer, and Multiple Sclerosis. There have been many publicized events on stem cell research. The most recent was when President Bush had to make a decision on whether to or allow stem cell research. According to the Aug. 2001 issue of Time, President Bush decided to ban the research on embryo cell and allow the research to continue on adult stem cell. But many Americans still believe that research on embryos is going on. The people who oppose stem cell research say that the scientists are not qualified to decide which embryo lives and which one dies. .
             Opponents of stem cell research argue that the research violates the sanctity of human embryos. They also argue that life starts at conception, the destruction of an embryo is the destruction of human life. Opponents also say that the genetic make of the embryo is already determined. Opponents don't understand why the results of other types of research are not disclosed to the public.

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