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             Who would have guessed that a white boy from Michigan, growing up in the slums, would become a world famous rapper? Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born on November 17th, 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri. "Eminem is easily the most enigmatic figure in popular music today. Brazenly honest, deeply troubled, allegedly homophobic and misogynistic yet undeniably gifted and entertaining, the Detroit-based rapper has defied his detractors again and again, selling millions of records, securing credibility as a white artist in a predominantly African American genre, and achieving longevity in a notoriously fickle industry"(Rolling Stone Magazine). Marshall never really had a steady childhood. Roaming from Kansas to Detroit with his mom took away establishing a solid childhood lifestyle. Eminem's mom had him when she was eighteen. Just after six months Em's father walked out on them. .
             Eminem was twelve years old when he begun his hip-hop journey. "School wasn't exactly the best place for Em. He was in 9th grade three times, basically for skipping school to go battle, and he was a little "nerdy" (celebrity storm). Battling meant he would rap against other people to show off his skills. He would constantly battle other people to show his true talent. Marshall Mathers came up with the name Eminem by using his initials M and M. Em met Kim when she was a true freshman and he was in 9th grade again. Kim and her twin sister, Dawn, were also from a troubled background. Living in and out of children's homes and usually running away after a while made it hard for Kim. Em met Kim when he skipped school with a friend. The friend's sister knew Kim, and Kim had also skipped school. The sister introduced them to each other and they hit it off. They dropped school together and in 1995 had a daughter, Hailie Jade Scott. .
             Em had begun his rap career by pursuing a life and identity in the hip-hop culture by the released of his first single with the group Soul Intent in 1995.

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