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The Cola Wars

            Imagine living in a world where companies literally spend billions of dollars annually to make you want to buy their product. Imagine living in a world where lives are given just to make you buy a stupid piece of metal, or a garment that nobody besides you and a few others may see. Such a world is stupendous to think about, but does not need to be imagined, for this is the world we live in. Companies fight against each other by the minute to gain power over one another, and both the lives of humans and their conditions can depend on whether or not somebody wants to buy a product. In full throttle, businesses are in brutal war, but the greatest and most intriguing battle of all these wars is the cola war. That is right, Pepsi vs. Coke. All of us prefer one or the other. None of us can help but admit to enjoying such beverages. And yet, everyday, the colas continue to spend hundreds of millions to make us drink their drink. Such high costs dedicated to making their drink seem better than the other can make a buyer ask, "What gives?"; surely, since a drink is completely defined by its taste, the companies should focus purely on taste, right? But they don't, because, as we can tell, in the world of soft drink sales, cool is more important than taste.
             If there is one thing which can simply and powerfully symbolize the marketing of a product, it is the product's slogan. The importance of a good slogan is never expressed fully, as a good slogan (and a continuation of slogans) is practically essential to the selling of a product. Moreover, the slogans of Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola from 1896 to 2002 emphasize what the marketers and advertisers of each company believe is important to the selling of their drink. From 1896 into the 1920s, Coca-Cola emphasized that taste was the most important aspect to the selling of their drink, with slogans such as "Delicious and Refreshing" 1, "Delicious Coca-Cola, Sustains, Refreshes, Invigorates" 2, "Real Satisfaction in Every Glass" 3, and "Exhilarating, Refreshing" 4.

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