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Discuss the coca-cola bottles original functions and meaning

            g garment, jewel, accessory etc) from any culture other than your own, a using a material culture approach, discuss is original cultural functions and meanings.
             The Classic' Coca-Cola Bottle.
             Perhaps a description of the artefact in question, the classic' Coke bottle is unnecessary. This is testament to the fact that it has become an American icon, a corporate totem and a national export to symbolise American prosperity world-wide. The Coke bottle is the most widely recognised commercial product in the world. Craig Gilborn, an American writer, maintains that the Coca-Cola bottle deserves "classic- status because of its form, durability, powerful sculptural and optical aesthetic, and its ubiquity. In his judgement it also merits the title of an American cultural symbol par excellence. The bottle symbolises so much about America both good and bad. It is their own drink and the pride of a nation, its far reaching influence is viewed as a symbol of the prosperity of their nation and the power it exerts throughout the world. However one could also claim that the bottle has also had a hand in the erosion of other nations cultures. Through this essay I will outline the extent to which the Coke bottle both influences and reflects the culture and society of the United States of America and how it has come to be regarded as a national institution. I will also reflect on the spread of the seemingly all pervasive American culture with the Coca-Cola bottle as its figurehead.
             The evolution of the Coca-Cola bottle and the Coca-Cola brand is important to its cultural significance in the U.S.A. Perhaps the humble beginnings of the brand, leading to the status that it has held throughout much of the twentieth century, is the ultimate embodiment of the American dream. The beverage Coca-Cola was invented and first sold in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886 but it wasn't until 1916 that the company adopted and patented a design by Alexander Samuelson, the form that we now know and recognise.

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