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Losing My Coworkers

            When I start to recall that day of pain and loss, I still can't believe that it really happened. I usually didn't work on Saturdays in the show room of the Italian furniture Art Studio. That Saturday, though, I was going to open the saloon and be on duty until my two coworkers Alex and Toma returned from a mission.
             Reflecting on it now, I can't explain why I began to cry while I was hugging Alex before their trip to Ahtirka. Maybe I felt something disturbing about them or their mission, but I forgot my warning later.
             I thought I knew the coworkers well but I didn't even know that Toma was very ill. She had been fighting cancer for several years. Finally, the 29-year girl defeated it. It took a lot of strength and courage. She did something almost impossible for a regular human. Toma was the heart and the soul of our company in spite of her quiet and soft character and modesty. Alex was lonely because he had divorced and he had no children. Alex was a very responsive and good-natured guy. He could easily raise your mood by joking and laughing infectiously. They were more like family to me then coworkers. We used to celebrate all holidays and birthdays together in the warm, friendly atmosphere. I remember, when Toma had brought the wig on the New Year Party, all the coworkers fitted on it. Alex was tremendous in that wig because he looked like the Musketeer from The Three Musketeers. We had fun together! We used to help each other in every situation or difficult moment. .
             I was enjoying the marvelous warm weather while getting to work on Saturday, September 28. I bought some tasty candies because Toma had to meet with her customer in the show room to discuss the project of interior. I went in the show room and I saw my boss Vladimir sitting immovably in his place. I noticed he was very disquieted. He said that Alex and Toma's cell phones could not be reached since early morning.

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