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Transition to parenthood

             The transition to parenthood can be tough. Sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, interrupted schedules, dirty diapers, are just some of the many stresses that new parents face. Newborns have an endless list of relentless demands. Everything a parent does affects their children's well-being. The pressure of becoming a parent is especially hard on women, teenage mothers in particular.
             Whether the pregnancy is expected or not, when a teenager becomes a mother, she is choosing to give up a world she has always known. She has to put the needs of that child before her own. Everything a mother does affects her child in some way or fashion. The realities and responsibility of being responsible for another human being twenty-four hours a day is something most teenagers have never experienced before. This leaves them in a very difficult place emotionally and physically.
             I have never experienced this situation first hand, but I know of someone who is going through it right know. She is 7 ½ months pregnant, she's not married, and she is expecting to raise her child alone. She is just now realizing the obstacles that she is going to have to overcome. She has had to put her schooling in temporary hold, and it is difficult for her to find and keep a job. And on top of all that, she now has to worry about raising a child. She wouldn't change anything, but she wishes she had done things a little different to make thing a little easier. .

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