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Chalotte's Web

             White's book, Charlotte's Web, White often describes nature through the progression of the characters and the setting. I want to start off by describing the relationship between Fern and her beloved pig Wilbur. As discussed in class, Fern's attention towards Wilbur begins to wear down toward the end of the book. However, I do not feel her love and affection toward Wilbur did the same. In human nature, things come and they go. But I once heard a phrase from a poem titled, "A poem for Emily" which said, "Whatever is, is always or never was." That sentence just merely says that if you say you love something or someone, the love will never diminish or you never loved it in the first place. By Fern turning her attention elsewhere by the end of the book just was E.B. White's way of telling the reader that she was growing up and what amused us or caught our attention at one time, may not always turn your head at another. .
             There were many references to life through the descriptions of nature and how the seasons changed. The reference that sticks out the book the most in my opinion, was the chapter called The Crickets. As I recall, there wasn't much description on the crickets themselves, but the crickets played a vital role in the story line. The crickets are so significant because as the chapter starts, E.B. White begins with the song that was sung by the crickets. They sang a song about summer dying. And as the crickets sing this song, there is a great sadness that is felt among the characters in the book. Summer isn't necessarily dying, but it was coming to an end. That which triggered a sense of reminder that time was winding down for Wilbur and Charlotte as well. .
             Another image that White creates in the story is in the chapter called Dr. Dorian. In this chapter, White gives us a dose of reality when Fern's mother goes to discuss fern's behavior lately. I also believe that this chapter is indeed important to the story line because Dr.

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