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Max Webber

            Max Webber would analyze the hostage situation in Russia very critique. He would use his theories to come to many different conclusions and his findings would be very relevant.
             Max Webber to begin with would notice a charismatic authority being implemented in the Chechen Republic. He would discuss this because the women that helped take over the Russian theater had bombs strapped to their chests. People who are willing to kill themselves for a cause usually have a charismatic leader behind them. .
             Webber would also look at the economic order in Russia and see how capitalism is somewhat failing because of major corruption among the leaders. He would note that there was an abundance of parties in the country and this divides the capitalistic country in to a state of disarray. The political order in Russia is completely unorganized and to gain power Russian authorities are holding on to Chechnya. Webber would note this as a rebellion on the part of the Chechen's. Holding the hostages for the sole purpose of independence would be there rationalization for the greatest good. Webber would note that the independence of their people would be of greater good then the loss of a few hundred lives.
             Finally Webber would research the social status of the Chechen people and he would find that they are of a very poor social class that has become alienated from the rest of Russia because of their need for independence. Webber would conclude by doing many research methods and studies on the Chechen's people to finalize his results. .

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