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Room of Champions

             As Joe turn into the long and dark hallway, the first thing he noticed was the reflection of a closed door on the mirrored, oak, plank floors. Above the door, a large ash sign flashed like a bolt of lightening. The intensely, luminous, red letters fired off the words "QUICK HANDS, SLOW FEET". Joe slowly opened the door, and a cold burst of stale, sweaty air penetrated his nostrils. After opening the door completely, Joe observed a murky room containing slight streams of sunlight. At first glance, the room revealed nothing more than cloudy, charcoal shapes which were undistinguishable to the naked eye. Straight ahead, a cellular shade stood guard in the center of the east wall. Silent streams of dazzling, white sunlight nudged through the minute holes in the cellular shade and softly crisscrossed the room like lasers in the night sky. Intrigued by the sight, Joe stepped in and blindly felt around the cold wall for a light switch. He finally found a light switch on the west wall and flipped it on. .
             After flipping on the light, Joe felt hundreds of eyes staring at him as he invaded their hollowed ground. Slowly, he examined the room. Framed photographs, bats, and lithographs of famous baseball players were mounted on every inch of every wall. On the north end of the room was a wall to wall closet. Directly in the center of the closet was a custom made navy blue desk with two cabinets and one shelf. Hanging from a cabinet knob was a pair of dirty white baby shoes. The desktop was engulfed by an enormous assortment of baseball magazines and baseballs precariously piled on top of each other. To the left of the desk, neatly, folded pants and dress shirts were lined up like soldiers. To the right of the desk, baseball jerseys and pants were haphazardly placed on hangers. .
             Turning to the east side of the room, Joe saw a long oak dresser. Stationed on the corner of the dresser was a Sony CD player and several speakers, obviously positioned to rock the house.

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