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Hazards of Cell phones

            Ours is known as the age of technology. We"re able to communicate at lightning speed, thanks to computers, internet and cell phones. Cellular radio telephones, or cell phones, have become an invaluable tool for people who need to stay in touch while on the move. But cell phones aren't as friendly as most of us think. They represent a real danger for our health.
             It is known the fact that all mobile phones use electromagnetic fields and emit radiations that affect the human body. Those radiations and the electromagnetic fields that surround them ca cause a lot of diseases. Many people who use cell phones very often are now suffering from headaches, dizziness, disorientation, confusion or nausea and are complaining about earaches.
             Researchers say that some people, perhaps 5% to 8% of mobile phone users, have transient symptoms of vestibular disturbance associated with their use. They also point out that the number of people potentially affected will increase as the number of mobile phone users increase. Some of them also claim that cell phones can cause cancer, they affect brain response patterns and that they increase blood pressure. In some countries, when you enter a hospital, you're told you must turn off your mobile phone - and keep it off all the time you're on the premises-, because it might interference with monitors and other medical equipment, and that an environment filled with electromagnetic fields is unhealthy for the patients.
             I think that all of us should protect ourselves from these health hazards, trying to use cell phones only when it is really needed. When not needed we should keep it far from ourselves, from children and also we should turn it off at night and don't keep it in our bedroom. We should avoid talking too long on the cell phone or wearing it all day long.
             It is reprehensible to even consider that someone would allow a child to use a cell phone. The danger is far too great.

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