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Mobile Phone Innovation

             A mobile phone is a portable telephone that works using a series of radio networks or cells. The term "cell- refers to the geographical area covered by the network base station that contains the radio equipment serving the cell. Australians commonly refer to this device as their "mobile-, while in the USA its known as a "cell phone-. Mobile phones are essentially a type of radio. With ground based mobile networks, the phones exchange radio signals with towers within geographical "cells-. A phone can pass from one cell to another without losing the call. Mobile phones are able to use one frequency for talking and another for listening, allowing both parties to talk at the same time. This is known as duplex' capability.
             All mobile phones have:.
             u An earpiece.
             u A microphone.
             u A transceiver.
             u An antenna (commonly in-built).
             u A battery.
             The early models of cellular phones included large battery packs and carrying cases, and were very expensive, around $5000. It had a handset hooked up to a battery with the dial pad on it.
             Handheld mobile phones were invented in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper (pictured). There was no display, talk time was limited to 35 minutes, recharging the phone took 10 hours, and the phone weighed around 1kg. These phones appeared commercially around the 1990's and the cost of the technology was around $3000.
             u The innovation of mobile phones has been successful over the years due to the lowered cost of the device, the reduced size and varying appearance. The wide range of available mobiles has allowed people to choose a phone that suits their lifestyle and individual needs, ranging from a phone with a built in FM radio to one which allows access to the internet. The core reason for the immeasurable success of the mobile phone has been the way in which it targets consumer's needs and wants.
             Samsung T500.
             u The T500 is a phone targeted directly at women, with a lot of unique features.
             u Contains 32 cubic zirconia which surrounds the LCD display.

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