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All Quiet Western Front

            War is, at the same time, the most terrible and the greatest of human experiences. Is this the view conveyed in All quiet on the western front? In the novel "All quiet on the western front" by Erich Maria Remarque we see clearly that war is a most terrible experience, with its great horror and ability to destroy a human, not only physically but also mentally. However accompanying this horror is an extraordinary comradeship and friendship that is seen in both the sad and happy times bringing the soldiers together to cope with that horror of the war. This comradeship seen in the novel is the only value that has been retained by the soldiers on the front, despite the loss of all others. Towards the end of the novel it is clear that the only thing keeping the soldiers going is this comradeship, which seems to soften and break through the horror of the war. The horror of war is seen right through the book from the beginning to the end, with a large emphasis on the destruction caused by war and the loss of humanity and innocence. An example of this horror is the graveyard battle scene in which a recruit, who only minutes before was described as being child-like, is hit badly in the hip which is graphically described as "one mass of mincemeat and bone splinters". Just before the man is hit, a horse is hit causing it to cry, which is unbearable for the soldiers around it as it reminds them of the innocence of nature that is caught up in the war. However, the men near them who are wounded, are ignored as the soldiers are so accustomed to their sound of death, which shows the true role of the horse's death to the reader. These are clear emphasises on the horror, shock and the loss of their innocence seen throughout this chapter, and the rest of the novel. Throughout the book we see the soldiers lose faith in their values that have been drilled into them over the years from school to the army.

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